DNA is now the Baisis for the Best Results in searching for Family Ties!

Yes, it’s ture!  To find out where your family really came from and if there is really and truly Aative American blood in your past ancestor’s lives you can test for as low as $49.00 to get a description of the break down of your Male Line Ancestory based upon the Y DNA that only Males get from their Blood-related Fathers.  Girls don’t have a Y Chromosome so they can’t test for it themselves but they can test a known blood relative like a Brother, Uncle, Nephew that is a known Blood Relative.  The Female equilelant is Mt. DNA contained and passed exclusively on the X chromosome.  One is received from each female’s Mother and one from her father…..Boys have 1 X chromosome EXCLUSIVELY passed Mother to Son….So girls can research their Mother’s Mother’s Mothers Mt. DNA for as far back as is known to be a blood relative…..I used the Family Tree DNA service out of Dallas TEXAS and found out that my most ancient ancestor that is known to be a fact is John Rice-Hughes 1600 aka Perrott ap Rice 1600 born to Thomas ap Rice 1570 and Margaret Mercer 1580 of Wales, England….The ap Rice family is really, really, really old and that line has been traced by various sites back to……YEP, NOAH!  Of the Biblical Story of the FLOOD.  You don’t have to take my word for it either…

The site I use to find out the exact relationships is called GENI, and is a free site to help you find you family members.  In a sense we are all cousnins, 2nd to15th and up to 100 marriages in between, so finding important names in the distant past is not all that rare….I can trace my Ancestory through the Ap Rhys or Rice Clan because of males who were also in various blood familes and they are the ones that connect all the way back….You may be too!….In depth DNA testing like mine tests to 37 markers on the Y Chromosome and costs about $165.00 and yes the line predates Wm. the Conquorer which means there were some really Mean and strange people who came to England about 1,000 years before Willy did around 1000 AD.  More to come at a later Date.  See you at the 1966 North Marion Class Reunion at the Inn at Spanish Head July of 2016.  Dale C. Rice

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